New and upcoming books from women to celebrate International Women’s Day


Women writers have been at forefront of innovative literature. They have redefined genres, changed how women’s stories are told, as well as created a lot more opportunities for girls to be published authors. Ms. Profession Girl capacities ten fantastic upcoming books by girls who are passionate about telling real stories.

cheat Liv Stratman

Liv Stratman’s debut novel, Kit, is witty and charming. It is about Kit who, while normally following an eating plan strategy, has an affair and goes on an intensive eating plan strategy. She feels trapped in her sister’s bakery and is unhappy with her life. She envies her husband who is a successful professional and enjoys exciting journeys. Matt, a carpenter, is hired to build new shelves for the bakery. She quickly begins a passionate affair and gets involved in a flirtation. Kit, hungry than ever, explores monogamy and monotony and discovers liberation in the gray areas of life.

A thousand activities in the evening By Traci Chee

Miuko is a normal, safe daughter of an innkeeper. But she is nothing special. She has no idea how much power she will ever attain until an unanticipated curse grants her incredible demonic power. Although her transformation gives her power and freedom she never dreamed of, it can also make her vulnerable to others. She encounters a thieving ghost, a demon prince and demon hunters as she attempts to end the curse. Will she be able to let go of her newfound strength to return to normal life? Will she be able to use her newfound strength in ways that are beyond her wildest imaginations?

Ramon, Julia By Alana Quintana Albertson

Two star-crossed lovers battle for their enjoyment in gentrification and class variations. Ramon and Julieta discover that the person with whom they shared a memorable evening at Dia de los Muertos is actually from the same household as them. Their households and their neighbors were able to keep them apart at Julieta’s family restaurant, which was in danger of being closed by Ramon’s father.

The Christie Affair Nina de Gramont

This psychological murder mystery is inspired by the 11-day mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie. The novel is interwoven with two wonderfully imagined storylines. It is told by Agatha Christie’s mistress, who wants to take him from her as a superior. We travel back in time to the story of the mysterious lady, as we discover the truth about her and the things she wants.

The bridal veil Kristy Woodson Harvey

This touching story tells the story of four generations of girls bound together by a precious bridal veil, and a connection with the Vanderbilt family. The story is told from the perspective of Julia Baxter, who has just announced her wedding, and the Vanderbilt’s of 1914. Each girl is tied with a veil that promises a contented marriage. The story moves back and forth between timelines and homes, and all four girls discover their own paths as they rediscover who they are.

Red threads of fate Lyn Liao

Tam Kwan discovers that she is now the legal guardian for Mia’s five year-old daughter, just a few days after her sudden loss of Tony and Mia. Complicating matters is the fact that she was granted permission to adopt the child she and Tony longed for while waiting for Tam at a Chinese orphanage. Angela’s long-held secrets are revealed, and it threatens her bond with Angela and her husband. She is able to understand the past of Tony and Mia in China and discovers that it’s possible to enjoy and take pleasure in her household.

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Behind lock & skeleton Gigi Pandian

After a disastrous stage accident, Vegas magician Tempest Raj quickly returns residence to California. Her father presses her into joining Secret Staircase Developing, a small household business. Tempest, who specializes in hidden rooms, stairs and sliding bookcases and is a father’s webmaster, visits one of his websites and finds the body of her magician double behind a locked wall. Could she be the victim? Tempest is intrigued by the suspenseful, thrilling murder mystery that unfolds. Tempest wonders whether her curse from her family could end up killing her.

Someone is at home Kaira Rouda

Someone else’s house and variables don’t look better for Julie Jones, mom and beautician. After fleeing from her marriage, Julie and her teenage daughter moved in to an Oceanside home quickly. The son of the previous owners still lives in the house, they discover. Their world is suddenly turned upside-down in just a few days when their new beginnings become a nightmare.

Summer time, we forgot By Caroline George

Four estranged friends should attempt to recall their summer at camp, which bonded them together. The body of their former teacher in physics appears in the swamp. They suspect that someone is out to kill them all and are on the lookout for another murderer. They should trust each other to find a solution and recall the summer they wanted to forget.

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